SEASON SUSPENDED THROUGH APRIL 13 ----Becoming a new lacross


Five steps to becoming a Montana Lacrosse Official

 So you want to be a Montana Lacrosse official? Great! Here’s what you need to do:

1 - Register with Montana Lacrosse Officials Association


  1. Register with Montana Lacrosse Officials Association (MtLOA) - email for boys game or for girls game.
  2. Send us an email with your age, location, and summary of Lacrosse and or officiating experience.
  3. No lacrosse experience? No Problem! Did you know that only 11% of lacrosse officials in the Pacific Northwest, played lacrosse? Your enthusiasm plus training is your ticket in! It can help to bring experience to officiating lacrosse, but there are many ways to learn how to officiate lacrosse. 
  4. Adults, and youth 13 years of age and older, can become lacrosse officials. (Youth officials are always assigned to games with competitors younger than they are.)
  5. There is no fee to register with the Montana LOA in your first season.

2 - Register with U.S. Lacrosse (USL)


  1. Call U.S. Lacrosse (410) 235-6882 #102, or 
  2. Visit them at US Lacrosse membership 
  3. Select "Official" from the available membership types. If you are already a member as a coach or a player, call and request that your membership include "Official" in your profile.
  4. Select "Montana Lacrosse Official's Association" as your local affiliate organization.

3 - Pass the tests! Both of 'em!

  1. Visit 
  2. Select either girls or boys game tests


  • "Purchase" the test - they're free to USL members. They are accessed by placing them in an online shopping cart, then completing the free transaction.
  • Download and print a hard copy of the exam/s (there's a high school test plus a youth test.)
  • Study!  Rules books are supplied from US Lacrosse. Call them if you have not received one.  (410) 235-6882 
  • Answer each question on your printed test by researching the rule book, talking to other officials, watching the instructional videos, etc.
  • Log back into the test site and enter your answers.
  • You need 80% or higher to pass. You can repeat the test if needed.
  • Your rule knowledge just increased. Like, a whole bunch!

4 - Attend the classroom training

Watch for announcements on the Montana Lacrosse Officials Facebook page and look at our website (uh, ...right here) home page "Upcoming Events" section for a training session near you. Well, we hope they are near you. After all, this is Big Sky country!

  • Training will include a few hours of expert presentations, videos, discussion followed by practice sessions. Many training events are capped off with a live scrimmage. All training is conducted by certified US Lacrosse instructors. Cool!

5 - Gear Up!

Purchase your uniform and officiating gear. We have included links to several referee apparel sites for you to choose from on our links page.