Youth Girl's & NFHS Girl's Rules

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 2020 Youth Girls' Rules Interpretation Video

 2020 Youth Girls’ Rules Interpretations Webinar

 2020 NFHS Girls' Rules Interpretation Video

 2020 NFHS Girls' Rules Changes Webinar



Girls' Rules - Free Movement

The new rules for 2020 allow for free movement by players on a whistle or stoppage of play. Players are not required to stand when the official blows the whistle except in certain instances for players who are fouled, caused the foul or are associated with the foul. 

Girls' Rules - Self Start

 “For a whistle blown for a foul outside the critical scoring area, the player who is awarded the free position, after coming to a stop/settled stance, may continue the course of play without waiting for an additional whistle.” 

Girls' Rules - Transitional Checking

Called transitional checking, this rule is intended to provide a middle ground between full checking at the high school level and modified checking for 12U.